Acupuncture and Migraines

We treat a large number of migraine patients and have very good success rates.

Migraine patients will often have been suffering severe attacks for years and even decades before seeking help through acupuncture. In many cases we are able to help patients return to a normal lifestyle that is not frequently interrupted by migraine attacks.

There has now been a large amount of independent research in this area. The results of these studies consistently report that acupuncture is better than no care/ basic treatment for managing migraines. It is also appears to be at least as effective as prophylatic drug therapy with few unpleasant side effects ( see for details of these studies)

Our acupuncture treatments are based on traditional chinese medicine and whilst the treatment for migraines is relatively standard we will always start by taking a medical history to see if there are any other factors thatb may be influencing your migraines. If you have not previously  seen your GP about your migraines we will probably recommend that you do so.

Migraine patients will typically need about 5-7 treatments initially probably followed by monthly or bi-monthly maintenance treatments.