Cupping Therapy

At Barnsley Acupuncture we offer cupping therapy as either a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with acupuncture or acupressure therapy.

Our acupuncturists are qualified in cupping having completed extensive initial training and updating their professional development on an annual basis.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy traditionally provided alongside acupuncture

Cupping is painless and safe although patients are left with bruising at the location of the cups that can take a number of days to clear. The practioner will discuss bruising with you prior to treatment. Cupping is not suitable for anyone who is taking blood thinning medication or is excessively prone to bruising.

The process is completely hygienic. Glass or plastic cups are used and these are sterilised between patients.

Cupping is effective for a wide range of conditions. At Barnsley Acupuncture we use it only for muscular pain and sporting injuries.

The therapy involves placing plastic or glass cups over the area of pain. A vacuum is the created inside the cup by removing the air with a hnd pump. Traditionally the vacuum was created using fire. Due to health and safety considerations and the presence of smoke detectors in our clinic we prefer to use a pump to create the vacuum.

Once the vacuum is created the skin will lift up towards the surface of the cup. This moves both stagnant blood ( inflammation) and any local toxins. The stagnant blood reenters the body's cicrculation through the vascular system. There is no external bleeding.

After the cupping treatment and for the remainder of that day you should avoid


Drinking alcohol or caffeine

Strenous exercise or activity.

For these reasons cupping is often best performed later in the day and we have a number of evening appointments available.

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