Jonathan's treatments provided rapid ( 3 sessions) relief form shoulder pain that had been troubling me for over a year. Physiotherapy and medication had not really helped so I decided to try acupuncture for the first time in my life. The results were very impressive, not only did my shoulder get better but I feel generally healthier and am certainly sleeping better than I was before

Phil, Durkar.

Jonathan has been a source of constant support and encouragement over the the four months that i have been having treatment. And acupuncture really works as I am now pregnant.

Helen, Wakefield

I initially wanted to try acupuncture for fertility. Although I had not been trying long for a baby, I had come to feel quite negative about trying to conceive (as a result of the stressful job I do and other external pressures). When I talked to Jonathan he was so friendly and approachable, I had no hesitation about discussing my personal circumstances openly with him. Jonathan explained the process thoroughly, he was professional and very reassuring. After my first treatment, I felt supremely relaxed. By the third session I felt that acupuncture had had a profound impact upon me, to the degree that I could not remember a time when I had felt better, physically or emotionally. I was surprised to find that with acupuncture, I felt more like 'myself' than I had in a long time. Best of all, I now no longer feel anxious about whether I am able to have a baby, instead I have once again begun to feel positive and excited about what should be a happy process instead of having negative feelings. I cannot thank Jonathan enough, as I have never felt better, and I am looking forward to continuing acupuncture treatment.

Sammy, Barnsley

Thanks very much for the successful outcome. We had virtually stopped believing that we could ever have a child , but treatments with Jonathan at Barnsley Acupuncture have completely changed that and we are expecting our first child in a few months time. The acupuncture has been relaxing and enjoyable and i actually miss coming for treatments now that I am pregnant.

Karen, Hoyland

After months of severe joint pain I decided to try acupuncture, partly as a result of my German Shepherd making a dramatic recovery from joint pain after her vet treated her with acupuncture.

Jonathan explained in detail what was involved and took the time to discuss how acupuncture works. By the end of the discussion it had been made evident that my initial joint problems weren't joint problems at all. I had my first acupuncture treatment which was completely painless. By the middle of that afternoon I was amazed to find that all the pain had gone from my legs and feet. I actually went for a three mile walk that afternoon.

My pain free life now is wonderful. Friends and family say how much better I look and I feel so full of life and energy. I cannot thank Jonathan enough for helping me get to this stage.

I would say to anyone that has health issues- go and book yourself in and see Jonathan at Barnsley Acupuncture. The treatments are relaxed and Jonathan is a very pleasant and easy to talk to kind of person..

Win, Havercroft.

My back pain, has largely ( although not completely) gone as a result of having acupuncture at Barnsley Acupuncture over the las two months. I have much improved mobility and I no longer have any sciatica. The treatments are very relaxed and flexible and Jonathan is very willing to try a range of approaches. It was a surprise to me to find that having an acupuncture needle in my little finger could help reduce my back pain, but it works so I am certainly not complaining. I have now been able to reduce my appointments from weekly to fortnightly and Jonathan's approach is not to try and make you commit to alarge number of appiontments in advance.

Brian, Royston.

I was very reluctant to try acupuncture but did so pretty much in desperation as my migraines just seemed to be getting worse and worse all the time. The effect of acupuncture on my migraines was immediate and quite incredible. I have not had a severe migraine since starting treatment about six weeks ago and I have gone from being a complete sceptic to totally convinced of the power and effectiveness of acupuncture.

Lynne, Barnsley.

Acupuncture has cured the migraines that i have spent the past twenty years suffering with!

Jane, Ackworth

Jonathan's treatment for my migraines and associated vertigo have been very effective. Whilst I still get a very occasional migraine I am really completely better. I am still having acupuncture just to make sure that the migraines don't come back , even though Jonathan tells me that this probably isn't necessary.

Anne, Normanton

I have had acupuncture to help wiyh my longstanding digestive problems. Conventional medicine has been unable to offer me any meaningful help and i turned to alternative medicine more in despair than belief that it would actually help. Jonathan has always been extremely honest about the prospect of acupuncture being able to help me. He is definately not a salesman. The treatments have helped although it took a consideable amount of time before I saw much benefit. The flare ups I get are less frequent and less severe than they used to be and i am convinced this is because of the acupuncture.

Dave, Pontefract.

I have very much enjoyed my acupuncture treatments even though they haven't really helped my back pain. Jonathan stated at the start of treatment that about 60% of back pain patients get benefit from acupuncture. Unfortunately I appear to be part of the 40% but I really don't regret giving it a go and would consider it for any other conditions i might have in the future.

Mark, Badsworth

I have been seeing Jonathan Tilt for over 7 months for fertility related acupuncture. I have had 2 miscarriages and was very low after recent surgery when i started the treatments. On my first visit Jonathan put me completely at ease and i felt very comfortable with him treating me. The treatment rooms are clean, modern and relaxing. Jonathan obviously cares about his work and getting results really matters to him. The treatments have helped me enormously and I feel much more relaxed as a result.

Donna, Barnsley
I have spondulosis in my neck which causes severe headaches, nausea and dizziness. Since receiving treatment at Barnsley Acupuncture I have been pain free . I would definately recommend a visit
Mags, Barnsley
I have been having acupuncture for fertility after my periods stopped at the age of 42 and my doctor diagnosed me as "peri-menopausal". After reading about acupuncture I started treatments at Barnsley Acupuncture, I have also made some lifestyle changes and am taking chinese herbs prescribed by a herbalist who Jonathan recommended. Within 2 weeks of starting treatments my hot flushes had completely disappeared and my sleep had improved dramatically. Three weeks later my periods returned after an absence of 6 months. Acupuncture has given me the chance to have a family and I am very grateful to Jonathan for this.
Hannah, Huddersfield.

I have a condition which the americans call "Ekbom Syndrome" but here we simply say restless legs. This is a condition in which a normal night's sleep is replaced by hours of agonised thrashing about and no rest let alone sleep. Until I sought Jonathan's help I had been without any sleep for five days in row three times in the preceding few weeks. I was feeling quite desperate.I get next to no help from my GP except for  a constant supply of a drug which does not really help me sleep but which has many side effects. After the first time I had acupuncture I felt total relaxation in my legs which allowed me to sleep and the effect lasted for several days. I continued to have sessions with Jonathan over the next few months spacing out the appointments gradually as time went on. Although I will never be cured of this horrible life ruining affliction I can now say that it has been reduced to the level of minor inconvenience and I am no longer taking large quantities of medication just to get by.

All the best Jonathan and thanks for your help